quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2015

a paper on social class

"I think someday you're going to be a great writer," he said.
"But" he added maliciously, "first you'll have to suffer a bit.
I mean really suffer, because you don't know what the word means yet.
You only think you've suffered. You've got to fall in love first."
Henry Miller (Tropic of Capricorn)

a beautiful young scholar wearing black glasses
presents her study’s motives
its relevance

I think sex       not about her              not with her
no sex at all
not here
not now

[but I do enjoy strolling around it without the thinking of it]

no m’am
not picturing it
neither lust nor seduction
not a male-ish drop
but animals beautifully designed to practice it as an art form
in which lines curves lights shadows sweat moans
align with mars
and pleasure guides the planets

no sir
I am not able to differentiate bodies
I only hear lines and curves
and smell faces
andrejcaetano - Cape Town, South Africa (2017)
Aart Klein

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