sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2014

the woman in the balcony

All of a sudden
At least it seemed so then
The terrain got flat and plain
From the balcony
She starred at it long enough for the moon to change

Nothing changed
Her terrain stood flat and plain
There was no question
Nothing to answer nothing to claim

She took a pill
Two of them
Two shots of tequila
To shut down the brain
Kept starring at the terrain
There was no beauty there was no stain
The moon turned off its phases
Nothing to see nothing to complain
Two more shots of tequila then
‘Perhaps I am part of the terrain
 Worlds apart from any saying‘

Silence asked for silence
As the words also got flat and plain
 ‘Sure hoping is always in vain
  But mayhap tomorrow won’t be this way’

Brett Walker

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