quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012


‘As much as by wisdom as by war’ – this saying is on a wall of the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich.

The Thames is a tidal river. This makes the river seems tiny and muddy during certain parts of the day.

Tides are due to the moon’s gravity force. When Earth aligns with the moon and the sun altogether the tides go highest. That’s what I’ve learned in the Maritime Museum at Greenwich. The explanation is also available over the internet.

This is a pretty sunny day. When the sky über London is pale blue as it is today one can count jets by the dozen. One can also spot a couple of choppers hovering around.

London School of Economics. The staff’s restaurant is divided up so that lecturers have a dining room and professors have another one. Perhaps this is the whole history.

From Putney to Waterloo Station one passes by the cover of Pink Floyd’s album Animals. It takes fifteen minutes from Putney to Waterloo Station by train.

That a lot of Londoners live over old burial grounds is written somewhere between Putney and Waterloo Station.

That a female artist of the sixties or the seventies shot paint bags hanging in front of a white canvas to get her art work done is in the Tate Modern. She the artist said she was shooting at men family government state society. At that time she was a young gorgeous artist. The result on the canvas is quite impressive.

Camden Town doesn’t really have cool different stuff to buy.

Saint Albans was once a battlefield where the Romans defeated barbarian tribes and that is for sure.

Ana Cristina Camargos lived in London for a while years ago. That she passed away last August one week before she would be forty is plainly the saddest thing.

‘Nothing is certain but change’  the most interesting lesson one can take from London’s Museum of Natural History is a saying on a wall.

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